Woodshire Unsettling

The Woodshire Unsettling happened in the dead of night, or so it’s said…which is odd, because the other Unsettlings were supposed to have happened during mid-day. It is also said that this night was an unusually long night, and the effects were not immediately felt.

Woodshire was a somewhat larger town, and when the early nightfall came, townspeople feared the worst. They could feel the very air grow chill, and they shuttered themselves away. It was when the dawn came that they discovered that the occupants of a house immediately next to a burial ground had been killed ruthlessly, clawed and ripped.

The next night, more killings happened, and this proceeded to happen night after night. The Amber Empire has promised a bounty to anyone who can find a solution to the killings, bring a stop to them, or bring proof of the death of the individuals responsible.

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Woodshire Unsettling

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