The Two Magics

In the world, two forces of magic are discussed, seen as ever-present and mysterious forces. They are not everyday things, for most, but rather great forces which appear in the mortal plane, through its “cracks”. Sometimes, the magic which slips through the cracks is frightening, sometimes wondrous. It is not always possible to know which is which.

The Stormsea

Deep beneath the roots of the earth, it is said that the Stormsea churns, acting as a foundation of sorts, an energy which drives the world. The Stormsea will at times infuse stones with magical energy, stones which are then dug up and polished by the dwarves, the master craftsmen of the world. They make their livelihood by selling these stones, which provide focused bursts of magic, but are difficult to use properly. However, it is thought that even when not used, the dwarven stones radiate a benevolent aura, causing crops to grow better and livestock to be healthy.

The Faewald

Even more so “between the cracks” is the world called the Faewald. Nobody is quite sure where it is located, but the Faewald can be entered somehow through certain of the world’s forests, where faerie magic clusters. The Faewald is a pale, mysterious place, with strange and often terrifying magic.


Magic is not a stable reliable force, and sometimes it lashes out at the mortal plane if not properly controlled. Great, powerful alchemic formulas present a great risk for creating radical devastation over a wide area, and often drive the alchemist mad if an Unsettling occurs. Faerie magic…well…it is said that at times, strange storms will wander the land, mists arising in the middle of the day, causing horrors to come about which can scarcely be imagined. Entire villages, wiped from the map and from the memories of all who lived nearby. Townsfolk turned into mindless killers. A sickness that slowly immobilises all of the local farmers.

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The Two Magics

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