The Dragon

Many legends of the peoples speak of a “dragon”, in some form or another, a theme that has not gone unnoticed by lorekeepers. There are a few hypotheses about this, the most popular among lorekeepers being that there were once a great number of dragons who ruled the world, but who perished in a revolt of the humans, who had through study uncovered some of the secrets of their magic. It is believed that dragons were great beasts who had a strong connection to the Stormsea.

The Firecast Legend

The Firecast Tribes tell of a Dragon who once guarded the human race against great threats from above and below, whose power struck them back and crippled them. The Dragon, his mission come to an end, was to leave the peoples of the earth for a time. As he made his plans for departure, however, he was slain by those who had forgotten the great evils threatening them. His blood spilled out over the land, desolating it, because of the sin. It washed to the center of the continent, and then stopped, rending the very earth, and sinking deep beneath its surface. It was then that the Dragon’s Spine rose from the ground, tall and imposing. Where the Dragon had been slain, five brothers stood guard, protecting the corpse. It is said that these brothers were the first of the Firebloods, and that all children born on that ground were Firebloods.

Lore of the Salamanders

According to the lore of these people, the dragons were great beasts, masters of fire, who were able to take on human form as well. When in human form, they became enamored with humans, who bore the same form, but more truly. Interbreeding with them, they produced offspring that bore the magic of fire in their blood. As the legend goes, however, the consequence of this interbreeding was a sapping of life from the dragons. They became more and more mortal as they interbred with the humans…and soon, they died of natural causes. The Salamanders are their last remaining legacy.

The Silver Band’s Teachings

The legend of the Dragon-Lord lies at the heart of the Silver Band’s teachings. They believe that the One True God once walked this earth, in the form of a great dragon. He spread blessings far and wide, but one day was betrayed by the greed of humanity. When he was slain, his blood gushed forth onto the earth, and the One True God left that incarnation. When the blood spilled over the earth, it defiled all which came from the earth, all which comes from the flesh. Now, the One True God watches from above, seeking to help humanity purify themselves and be freed from the profaned earth.

The Dwarven Tale

Though it is not widely-known, the Dwarven legend tells of a Great Dragon, who flew over the world, a giant creature unlike any others. They say that it defended the world from great evils which assailed it, but…one day, it finally fell. This is where the Dragon’s Spine originated from, and the dwarves claim that from the bones of the Dragon they sprang. The Dragon’s blood took root in the mountains, and the dwarves take it as a gift, something which gives great power.

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The Dragon

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