The races of D&D 4th Edition don’t exactly exist in this campaign in the same way. Most of them use a slightly different “flavor”, though are mechanically the same race. I’ll be using primarily PHB 1 races.

Dragonborn: The Firebloods, members of the Firecast Tribes who are inborn with a raw ability to unleash the magic of the Stormsea. They are the strong leaders of the Firecast. This ability tends to develop around adolescence, and all Firecast undergo strict training from youth in order to prevent an uncontrolled, devastating power burst if this ability awakens.

Eladrin: Rumor tells of some of the Fae who serve a great Court, possessing powers of illusion and deception. Who are they? That’s a good question.

Elves: Some of the Fae seem to have been tasked with something on earth, protecting forests and seldom wandering abroad.

Genasi: The Stormsea Gates are powerful, and many a traveler has wandered too close to them, and become devoured. Some, though, are not consumed by the magic, but rather become stronger, empowered by it, but also supposedly given tasks, bonded to the Gates, to protect the Stormsea.

Gnomes: The nieblungen are the smaller, trickster cousins of the dwarves, rumored to have some Fae contact. They live in “hollows”, dwellings dug out in the mountains or forests, invisible to all but themselves. Hollows are treated as sort of a “communal” dwelling. If a hollow is empty, any nieblungen is free to claim it, though allowing outsiders in is nigh-taboo.

Half-Elves: Rumor has it that some humans who walk the world are touched by the Fae, either through some captivity among the Fae or through wandering too long in the forests, and becoming entranced by Fae magic. Regardless, they are not trusted. The Fae-touched, however, are not easy to detect, and many humans may walk as Fae-touched.

Human: There are many who wander this world, and also live within it, not graced by any special magic. This does not mean that they are not able to become heroes themselves. Any who wishes to distinguish himself, though without any special blessing of birthright, has studied or devoted themselves for long enough to attain a certain flexibility and adaptability in their fields of expertise.

Tiefling: Some of the humans have magic in their blood…but are very different from the Firebloods. It is said there is a circle called the Salamanders, alchemists who possess the magic of fire in their veins. It is rumored that they kidnap children with magical talent, that they selectively breed them to produce this specific magical potential, that they murder those who do not fulfill those expectations. These, though…they’re wild rumors. Although nobody truly knows what the Salamanders are, except the Salamanders.

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