Power Sources

In the world of Spark of Fae, the main power sources of 4th Edition are not quite the same. There are two places where magic comes from, mainly, though they take on many forms outside of that. Magic either comes from the Faewald or the Stormsea. How it’s developed…well, that takes on many forms. Here’s how the main power sources of 4th Edition fit into this world.

Arcane: Usually some form of alchemy, drawing from the Stormsea, but is sometimes Faerie magic. There is rumor of some individuals who are capable of unleashing the raw power of the Stormsea, a sort of magic inherent in their blood, but such individuals tend to be hunted down and placed under control fairly quickly. There is also one unusual form of alchemy practiced by a warrior tribe which utilizes martial maneuvers as the symbols and forms of alchemic magic.

Divine: It is said that one who has devoted themself to the pursuit of virtue can distill the essence of the Stormsea with clarity, and thus channel its flame in a pure manner. The religious practices of these individuals vary, but their hearts all burn with a strong devotion.

Martial: Just the same as it always was.

Primal: The Stormsea is interwoven with nature itself, or at least some aspects of nature, though some think that the Fae magic and Stormsea magic coexist in nature, and that those who call on nature’s magic are able to utilize both. Regardless, those who have been granted power through the magic of the woods, the forests, the sky…they are those who have been called to safeguard the Gates by which this magic enters the mortal plane.

Psionic: Somewhat similarly to the divine, but also differently, there are those who have spent intense training in attempts to achieve focus on their mental capabilities. They observe that the mind has an incredible power to shape magic, and this is what they focus their efforts on. Of course, some psions are simply inborn with the talent, and handle it in a far more intuitive fashion.

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Power Sources

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