There are a few different nations in the world of Spark of Fae, on the Mortal Plane. The Faewald has yet to be mapped, of course. They have their different aims, and some are in direct conflict with one another. Things are generally peaceful, however…

The Firecast Tribes

The Firecast are a proud warrior society, and hold martial training in very high regard. Discipline, they say, is the key to self-mastery, and that one must conquer the evils within before they can fight the evils without. They have a very intimate tie to magic, though directly channeling the powers of magic is a practice only engaged in by some of the Firecast. Others prefer to use it to augment their already impressive fighting ability, and still others are incapable, for the magic runs not as strongly in their veins.

The Amber Empire

The greatest world power in the mortal world is this empire, spanning many years and much land. The Amber Empire claims to spread from the northenmost reaches of the world to the southernmost, and it may be correct. The ruling powers in the Empire are allegedly controlled by a circle known as The Alchemists, masters of the Stormsea who possess great power. Alchemy, as such, is quite commonplace in the larger cities, and any trace of fae magic is treated with high suspicion and even violence.

The Nation of the Silver Band

There are no magic-imbued among the members of this country. They seek to survive as the “normal ones” among the strange inhabitants of the world. There is some air of xenophobia among this nation, and they are a heavily militarized country. Plain ol’ humans are the only race here, and they have a mighty army. Alchemy is generally very restricted, and the only magic widely utilized is divine, and even that is regulated by local religious authority.

The Caves of Thurrimal

Deep within the mountains wind the passages and tunnels of Thurrimal, some dwarven name of uncertain origin. It seems to refer to the entire group of dwarven nations, which is said to span from the north to the south, as the Amber Empire does. Some even think that the dwarves have amassed an even larger empire. Not much is known about them, though, save that as they burrow deeper into the earth, they unearth and craft magical gems, bristling with the Stormsea’s touch about them.

The Cragdwellers

There are two unique geographical locales in the mountains, and they are called the Eastern Crags and the Western Crags. Both of them are occupied by a similar people: humans, but short in stature. Very short in stature. They have a puzzling habit of not quite being where you expect them to be, and a cheery, cheeky attitude to boot. The Cragdwellers often gaze out on the world from their high vantage point, amused at the various machinations of its inhabitants, and at times venturing out to take part in all of it. But why are they so unified, despite the distance separating them?

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