There are many, many legends and stories in the history of the mortal realms, and what follows is merely a loose chronology of events. Different nations have their own interpretations and versions of these events, and some of the more specific events are not necessarily to be taken as “canon” at surface value.

A Brief Structure

  • The races of man have been formed, in small tribes and communities, expanding outward and having clashes.
  • The dwarves stay in their halls, doings unknown.
  • The Dragon(s) vanish from the world, probably dying.
  • The Stormsea Gates open, and the Storm Tower is built above one.
  • The Firecast Tribes arise, on one side of the Dragon’s Spine, and work together to claim the territory on their side of the mountains.
  • The dwarves begin selling “amber stones” to the Storm Tower, which is renamed the Amber Tower.
  • The Amber Tower embarks on a campaign of conquest, using alchemy unknown to all others, who only possess a primitive understanding of it. The Amber Empire is formed, and continues to expand.
  • Strange creatures begin to stir in the Northwoods.
  • The Tribal Wars begin amongst the Firecast.
  • A massive Unsettling creates the Crags, and the Cragdwellers emerge.
  • Strange dwarves are seen around the Northwoods, and a storm of Fae Unsettling sweeps the area in an icy winter of forgetfulness.
  • The Church of the Silver Band emerges, and within a few years leads a revolt against the Amber Empire and its alchemy. It becomes an independent nation.
  • The Tribal Wars mostly end amongst the Firecast.
  • Very recently, there were four Fae Unsettlings within the bounds of The Amber Empire, and this fueled hostilities against the Empire itself.
  • The Amber Empire begins to call for alchemists across its lands in order to quell unrest and rebellion within its borders. Violence has been rising recently.

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