The entire known world exists on a single continent. What that continent is called…well, it varies by culture, but it’s never usually of much consequence, as expeditions to the surrounding continents (if there be any) are still ongoing and of uncertain outcome. This main continent exhibits several unique features…

The Dragon’s Spine: The continent is divided, from north to south, by a great mountain range with only a few breaks, though there are a small handful of useful mountain passes in the range.

The Bloodlands: The lowlands to the east of the Spine are called the “Bloodlands”, a name given to them by the Firecast tribes who call it home. Something to do with their tribal legends… They are barren desert lands, with life clustering only around oases.

The Greenlands: All of the lands to the west of the Spine are far more lush and life-filled. Here are the lands of the Amber Empire and the Silver Band; these seldom venture beyond the Spine, considering it to be a far more savage land.

The Crags: There is an area of the Spine which descends to the earth in a sheer drop. Two areas, actually. One faces the east, one faces the west, on opposite sides of the Spine. They are both host to seemingly related dimunitive fellows, who call themselves the cragdwellers. They seem to mostly have a head for heights, scampering about in their cliffside homes.

The Northwoods: Even as snow touches the trees, the Northwoods stay alive. They have an odd appearance compared to other forests, and some whisper that it is Fae magic which keeps them alive despite the cold, always green despite the season. Few folk pass under those boughs, and those who dwell near the Northwoods are said to be driven mad by the songs of the Fae who walk among the trees. The Northwoods are west of the Spine.

The Forest of Shade: Horrors and beasts of evil Fae magic dwell within the Forest of Shade, which begins at the southwest edge of the Amber Empire and extends to a few clearings which terminate in cliffs far above the sea’s waves. Sometimes, monster-hunters under the jurisdiction of the Silver Band will mount expeditions into the Forest, though never to go too deep.

Other Forests: There are a few other, smaller forests scattered across the western side of the continent, but no other major ones. It is rumored that one once stood at the very heart of what is now the Nation of the Silver Band, but that it has since been destroyed, razed, and the ground warded by divine blessing.

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