Spark of Fae

Session 1: Zombies

Jayth, Silas, and Augris met up, at the Fae ruins north of Woodshire. There, Daelu the Deathwailer was in the midst of a Fae circle, summoning undead. After a rough fight, the heroes pulled through. Jayth took Daelu’s hand, on which was drawn a strange symbol. Silas took her head, to bring back to his superiors. Augris found a strange magic stone that had been tied around her arm.

Pock and Falcon were at a local tavern. Pock entertained the crowd, and Falcon pocketed some spare change from the patrons.

The Adventure Commences...Soon

Pre-Session done, we have our characters.

Jayth, a human sellsword. He’s out for the money, and is hunting down a bounty in Woodshire. Silas, a human witch-hunter. He’s investigating the Woodshire Unsettling, on behalf of his church. Augris, a gate-touched storm knight. He’s been drawn towards the Woodshire Unsettling, by some inexplicable calling. Falcon, an agile human knife-fighter and Pock, a nieblungen skald, who have been traveling together and stopped by Woodshire.

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